Alaska Gold Tours
The Alaska Tours Gold Rush is On! Take an Alaskan Gold Tour!

When visiting Alaska try a flightseeing trip to Mt. McKinley or a Boat Tour of Prince William Sound. You will also want to visit the quaint town of Talkeetna which is the gateway to Denali National Park.

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Alaska, the last frontier and also the destination for diehard gold diggers worldwide. Throughout it's history, Alaska has been a rich destination for gold diggers and gold miners. Moose Sighting while visiting Alaska With the latest mismanagement of our money by the government, gold prices have soared, absolutely skyrocketed! Before, one might think of panning for gold as just a fun family thing to try out one day for fun. But that was when gold was only $50 per ounce. Gold is not soaring up to $1600 an ounce. Now panning for gold not only makes sense, it makes really good sense. If you are lucky you can pan and find an ounce of gold in just a few days. The new Gold rush is on! Imagine turning over a heavy rock and finding a nugget that weighs one ounce or more? Alaska Gold Mountain People are coming to Alaska again just for the purposes of searching for treasure and finding gold. Why not spend a few weeks or even a full Alaskan summer in the wonderful wild beauty of Alaska and try your luck panning for gold? It's not hard to learn and the rewards can be great.

With the blowout success of the Discovery Channel's Gold Rush Alaska that features a group of good ole boys from the United States who pushed all-in to go mine for gold, the interest in Alaskan gold is almost at a fevered pitch. The show shows the struggle and hard times of gold digging in Alaska but it is very exciting at the end of the day when the team finally runs their days refined gold dirt through their wash plant contraption to shake out the gold particles. When you see the flakes slowly reveal themselves from the dirt you can easily see the riches appearing.

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Alaska Tours Vacation Mt Mckinley Glacier Landing

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